Thursday, October 1, 2009

blues and greys

Finished! The skirt doesn't really fit that well but I totally love the top. I made the skirt out of an old pair of men's slacks, and I made the top from some cheap jersey knit I got on clearance. I guess I don't have much else to say about it except that I'm glad I got it finished. Thanks everybody who encouraged me!

So, I'm thinking for October I might try making some pants, seeing as the weather's been in the 40's and 50's all week and they still haven't turned on the heat in my dorm. I'm wearing gloves and a jacket as I type this, shivering. So yeah, skirts and dresses don't sound all that appealing right now. I've never made pants before. I'm kinda scared but kinda excited. It might be a little too ambitious of me, but I guess the whole point of this blog is to challenge myself to try new things, especially if I'm scared of screwing up.

Wow, that picture looks really bad on my blog. Yuck. The colors and the lighting and the angle just look so amateur and out of place. I need to start taking better photos for this thing. Ew it just hurts my eyes with the tan against the grey background. So sorry about that. ick.


ErinnMari said...

ooh its really cute! i like the skirt a lot, as well as the shirt. they both look great, i love the bow detail on the top. awesome work, cant wait to see octobers! :D


ReadingthroughLife said...

I really like the skirt.

Cassie said...

Omg!! The shirt is so cute. Did you attatch the bow after you made the shirt or did you just put it right on? The skirt looks adorable too! I can't wait for your next outfit!

mscl-thtr-lvr said...

First off...ROFL! your comments about the photograph were hilarious! true, not the most flattering of angles, and it'd probably look better on a white background, but the way you worded that. . .LMAO!

as for the outfit. . .well. . .So Cute! the skirt is very flattering! and the top is adorkable! that bow coming out of nowhere, wonderful! sorry to hear your first try got messed up, but now you probably know what went wrong, so you can circumvent the problem from happening next time. I'm loving looking at your designs!

keep sewing!

jamie.t said...

I love the whole outfit! :D Especially the top with the bow! It reminds me of Emma from Glee, and she's adorable, so in my mind, this is the epitome of adorable! Great job! :D