Saturday, November 28, 2009

navy dress for navy dance

Here is the outfit I sewed for October. My school had a dance with the Midshipmen after the Notre Dame-Navy game, so this is the dress I made for it. Another unflattering picture. The flash makes the satin look all weird, but it's actually very fitted and pretty, and the back looks fabulous, I promise. I wanted to take better pictures, but I kept putting it off, so I decided I might as well just post this one.

So the dance was pretty lame and awkward (probably since we lost the football game so pathetically), so a bunch of us bailed and hit up Finnie's Pub in our dresses. Way more fun. We had a few drinks, met a few guys and had a great time. Let's hope Notre Dame does better tonight. Ha.

I started up a new blog with my friend Mary. It's different from this one. It's called Judgmental Central, and we basically just judge dumb stuff and stupid people. We do have some coarse language, so read at your own risk I guess. Just thought I'd share that here since it's another blogspot one.

Well, for my next sewing endeavor, I'm going to try to make a blouse out of an ugly chiffon skirt I picked up at goodwill yesterday. The print is really pretty: navy blue with pink and taupe roses. The skirt is so ugly though. It's long and pleated and high-waisted and weird. Why do people waist lovely fabric on hideous garments? Haha, I guess I've been guilty of that too though...


Kass said...

That dress is very pretty =]
you should be proud!

Cassie said...

This dress is beautiful! And I can't wait to see how you go about making the chiffon top. I always see nice fabrics on ugly skirts.

Glad to see you have finally come back! Hopefully you blog more!