Sunday, September 27, 2009

almost done!

I'm almost done with my september outfit! I had to change my plans because I screwed up the scallops and didn't have enough fabric left to finish the dress. So my back up plan was a navy blue shirt and a grey skirt. I just finished the shirt today! It's adorable, with a big bow on the front. The skirt is about halfway done. I'm a little worried about how to put in the zipper, but it's looking good. Even though I changed my design, it's still kinda inspired by the 500 Days of Summer wardrobe too, though not based on any specific outfit. Just the neutral color palette, retro silhouettes, menswear fabrics and cute feminine details that I've been so crazy about lately. Now, if only I could afford to buy a bunch of cute shoes and purses to complete the look... sigh.

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jamie.t said...

Nice to hear it's almost done! Can't wait to see it! :D