Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've designed my next outfit, and I'm quite excited about it. It's partially inspired by Summer Finn's blue shirtdress in the film 500 days of Summer. I really wanna try making the scalloped hem and the scalloped button front. I've never done anything like that before, but I want to try new techniques and this is a perfect way to start. My design is a little different from the dress in the movie. It's going to be ivory instead of blue, and it's going to have black lace detail instead of embroidery. The skirt will probably be shorter and fuller, and hopefully there won't be as much pleating on the bodice. And mine will have pockets. I LOVE pockets. Especially on dresses.

Yesterday I went to Chicago sort of on a whim for this family picnic croquet tournament thing. It was a lot of fun. My aunt and uncle made some amazing food, and it was a really great time. It was pretty cold, so they set up a fire pit, which made the whole thing very cozy. And for the championship game, the kids made a playlist of inspirational music like the Rocky song and the Final Countdown so everybody was cheering and really getting into it. I love doing stuff like that. I love my family. I have this little fear in the back of my thoughts that I won't get to do stuff like this as much once I leave college. All the grad schools I'm looking at are in California, New York and Florida, all far away from here. And my parents are moving to Michigan next winter. That's going to be weird, but at least they'll be close by for the rest of my senior year. And my little brother is moving to Indianapolis, so that's just weird as hell. Now I've got this bizarre feeling that pretty soon we're all going to be disconnected and scattered across the country. And I'm probably going to be the farthest away of all after I graduate. Am I just scared to be going off on my own, without my parents to support me, emotionally and financially? I guess I'm just sad to be losing this closeness where we're all still involved in each others lives. Wellll, it's time for me to get some sleep.

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Michelle said...

omg I LOVE that dress, and the film and now your blog :o) Can't wait to come back and visit and see the finished version. M