Wednesday, June 24, 2009

week 1 update

My first outfit is going to be a dress and a purse. There. Now that I've said that I can't back out.

The dress is almost done. The last few parts are going to be hard though. The purse is going to be a nightmare. But if I get it right, it's going to be hot. A hot nightmare. I was starting to consider giving up on the purse, but that would just be pathetic. So that's why I'm stating here, for all to see, that I'm making a dress AND a purse this week, and I'm not backing down. And by "all" I mean my 3 readers. Don't worry, I won't let you down. Ha.

So yesterday was the first time I saw my ex since we broke up on saturday. We had to work together in box office. I was kind of surprised by how normal I felt. No anger, sadness, rage, despair or hatred. Just a little awkwardness. Wow. Does that mean he never meant that much to me? Would I have broken up with him at the end of the summer anyway? I guess I'll never know. I'm really surprised how quickly I got over it all. Usually I need another boyfriend to help me get over a breakup. not this time though. I guess that's what you call self-sufficiency.

The big question now is when am I gonna wear this pretty dress I'm sewing? Breaking up has severely decreased my opportunities for wearing pretty dresses. Such a shame.

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