Monday, June 29, 2009

roses & studs

Better late than never, here is the first outfit for my sewing challenge. That purse was such a pain to make. Literally a pain. I ripped a hole in my finger trying to bend one of those metal loops with jewelry pliers, and it is still bleeding six hours later, ick. I love how pretty it turned out though. It was worth all the blood, sweat and tears. Ok, maybe not the blood part...

As for the dress, I totally love it, but I probably won't get to wear it much. Although, it kinda looks like a cocktail dress. Maybe I could pull it off with some black tights and stuff in the fall.

I wish I had more occasions to wear pretty dresses. My friends here in Bloomington don't really dress up much. Which is fine, I don't mind being casual and comfortable. I just like to show off once in a while, you know? And I rarely get to wear dresses in the frozen wasteland where I spend the school year. So I guess the solution would be to get a new boyfriend so I can wear dresses on dates. Or start hanging out with some girlfriends who like to get dolled up and go out. Any takers? Ha.

I kind of feel like a loser. It's weird. I wrote a poem for class sophomore year about sewing a pretty dress but having nowhere to wear it. It was just a cute little sappy poem about having potential but lacking opportunities to fulfill it. But now it's kind of literal. Oh cool, I just found it---

I bought four yards of silk chiffon,
a zipper and some thread.
I snipped and stitched and toiled to make
a gown of luscious red.

The flounces flared, the color flashed,
a stoplight for the eye.
The envy of the other girls,
the lust of every guy.

But no, I never wore the gown.
I never had the chance.
I had nowhere to wear it to,
no party, date or dance.

No invitation to the ball.
And so the dress remained
unseen til it fell out of style,
and out of sight it waned.

I put it on when I’m alone,
though I was thinner then.
I wonder how I could have danced
and who I could have been.

Annnnnnddddd, I just remembered my family is having a grad party for my little brother on sunday. I can wear my pretty sundress then. Bam. The end.


Drea said...

love the dress. and i can't believe you made the purse!! awesome!

found your blog through your craftster post. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to be a follower!

SweetLuna said...

I love your dress and your little poem!! I too have dresses never worn...the curse of the artistic I guess!!


C said...

I am LOVING that skirt! the waistband color really makes the outfit. well done! i will be checking back to see the other "challenge" outfits

Alyssa Mae said...

gosh, the dress is adorable...

but you are WAY too cute! I love your little poem!

Found your blog from craftster, and you can bet on me following! Can't wait to see what you come up with next week, your style really inspires me!

shirley said...

I linked here from craftster...I think you are amazing for challenging yourself like this. I'm a beginning sewer, and following you through your "outfit a week" bonanza will be very inspiring.

Btw, love this dress.

White Wedding...Nah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! I found your blog through craftster. You should post how you made it, because I want one just like it!

Jas said...

So cute! That purse turned out awesome, & I love the dress. I would wear it all the time! I'm a Fashion student so that would be my excuse if anyone questioned it :P

P.S. I'm a fellow Craftster, & that's how I came across your blog.

Susan said...

Really nice job on the entire ensemble.

Annabelle Cook said...

Hey I think that your challenge is fantastic! What a great idea and constructive way to use your summer. And the outfit is adorable, that is something I would wear just on a normal day out in the summer, SO cute. I'm looking forward to seeing your other new outfits every week!

Annie said...

i found it through the abc party post and i would literally buy this outfit in a store.