Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Challenge

Well, I saw a preview for the film Julie & Julia, which made me realize how lame my blog is. So. I decided to create a challenge for myself this summer. Here are the rules:

-I must sew one outfit per week for the rest of the summer. (9 total)
-I must write two blog entries per week. One must include a picture of the finished outfit. The other could be anything I want. (18 total).
-The outfit can include anything. I could just sew one dress, or a skirt and a shirt. or shorts and a top and a jacket and a purse. Quantity is irrelevant, however, the outfit must clothe me fully and the pieces must actually look good together.
-The pieces can be sewn from scratch or reconstructed from old clothes.
-As of now, I have three blog followers. If I get 30 followers by the end of the summer, I promise I will continue the challenge into my fall 2009 semester.
-This entry does not count as one of the 18.

Basically the idea is to improve my sewing skills as well as my writing skills. The challenge I did for Lent really helped me to get more confident with my sewing and try new things. I'm hoping this challenge will have the same effect. Time to start sewing!

1 comment:

erin said...

I love this idea! I always like seeing your things on Craftster.