Saturday, June 20, 2009

floral skirt

I feel like I need to start writing better blog entries. Lately they've all been some sort of summary of whatever I wrote on craftster. I'd rather make this a showcase for my writing abilities instead of just a mechanical chronicle of my sewing projects. It's weird for me to get personal though, so I expect it will feel awkward at first.

Well I suppose I should begin with some sort of vague comment about life. Life is harder than it looks. Then I should say something about my personal life. My boyfriend broke up with me today. My boyfriend "let's-just-be-friends"-ed me today. We've only been dating for a couple weeks, but rejection is such a slap in the face. A slap in the face that you have to pretend doesn't hurt. Why is it always my first instinct to fake indifference? Of course, I'm sure the "yeah, ok, we're cool" bullshit wasn't all that convincing. And that just makes me even more pathetic.

Now I guess I should mention the skirt I made. I finished sewing it today before our date. It was harder than it looks. I made it out of a frumpy old skirt I got at goodwill. I cut it up and transformed it into a sexy little bubble skirt with pockets and a bow. It looks pretty simple, but I did put a lot of hard work into it so it would fit perfectly and hang just right.

And then I should probably tie the skirt thing into the personal thing. Except I can't really think of anything. This morning I felt so pretty and trendy in my chic little skirt. Now I just feel ugly and lonely. It was supposed to go from frumpy and unwanted to sexy and cute. How did I get it backwards?


xerinx said...

This skirt is amazing! I've been trying to make a bubble skirt forever but I've failed at all my attempts. Would you ever post a tutorial on how to make your clothing?

SweetLuna said...

HIS LOSS!!! That skirt is adorable and so are you. Don't worry, if he doesn't want to go out with you then he's NOT worth it. On to better things!!


naomi said...

i often wonder the same things you're wondering (i.e. how did it get backwards?). sometimes i will feel so confident in something new that i have made or recycled and when one thing goes wrong or i suddenly become sad or in a bad mood, i go and take that item off. i guess i just don't want to ruin something that feels good with anything that isn't happiness.