Monday, February 13, 2012

redecorating my life

Back in January I went through a redecorating phase-- trying to spruce up my Brooklyn apartment in time for my birthday party. I bought a few things: new shower curtain, couple pillows, dust ruffle. The place looked awesome, and the party was great and I was really happy everything. But then, a few days later, I found out that over christmas vacation, I picked up bed bugs... ick.

So I had to wash and dry everything on high heat, steam clean some stuff. In the craziness, I accidentally washed a brick-red blanket with a white one, and some black and white pillow shams, which came out an icky shade of salmon. I stripped all my gorgeous bedding and replaced it with just some light grey sheets and my used-to-be-white blanket (so I could spot the bugs better). All my clothing went into giant ziplock bags and my once-chic apartment became an ugly mess. I couldn't sleep, for fear of bedbug bites, and I just hated being at home.

But now, I've gone 28 days without any new bites or any sign of more bugs, so I'm hoping that my week in the laundry room has paid off and they're all dead. Last night, I opened one plastic bag and pulled out a comforter. It's not my big, cozy damask one, just my old hot pink one from college. But still it seemed like such a treat to have some color back in the room and some warmth on my bed. It's going to take a long time to get my place looking chic again, but I want to make it cuter than ever now that this is over. You'd think this experience would make me less materialistic, but it's shown me how important it is to have a calm, pretty place in your life where you can feel good about yourself and relax.

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