Monday, January 16, 2012

doing it yourself, for yourself

Gahhh! I'm so sick of reading DIY articles where the main reason for doing it yourself is to save money. The main reason for doing anything yourself should be to have fun, get creative, try something new. If DIYing saves so much money, why are there so many successful craft stores? And seriously? "Make your own candles to save money!" If I was trying to save money I wouldn't be buying candles. Much less candle-making supplies. And I wouldn't be spending hours making candles; I'd be working or looking for a job. Ok, maybe if my electricity got shut off or something... but even then, I'd just get the $1 unscented tapers at the corner store.

Can't I just do it myself for the pure enjoyment of doing it myself? Can't I make my own candles for the fun of it? Why does creativity have to equal poverty? I don't make stuff because I'm poor. I make stuff because I like making stuff. If I had infinite money, I'd still make stuff (though I'd use way more silk and cashmere!). I get more out of creating things than I get out of buying things. I like pairing different colors and textures for a knit scarf. I like sewing clothes that fit my unique body and my unique personality. I love that feeling-- when something I only saw in my head is now a real thing. I also love that feeling-- when someone compliments my dress, purse, hat, etc, and I can say, "Thanks, I made it."

So why does it have to be about money?

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