Monday, June 14, 2010

music musings: the fratellis

Time to share some of my latest music interests. After a long aesthetic dry-spell, I have finally found a new band to love: The Fratellis. Ok, so they're not new, but they're new to me so just let me love them. And there are so many reasons I love them... the fun 90's rock sound, the hints of ska, the punchy lyrics, varied pacing and winsome accents. Plus their band name reminds me of the Fratelli brothers from The Goonies, so how could I not love them?

Seriously, I have never fallen in love with a band this quickly. The moment I heard Chelsea Dagger I ordered two of their albums. I've been listening to a youtube playlist of their music on repeat until the cd's come in the mail. Some other favorites: Henrietta, For The Girl, Look Out Sunshine, and Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night. This is totally my kind of music! Where have they been all my life?

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