Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hottie in hot pink

Ok, so I'm seriously failing on the weekly update thing. Failing. Why is it so hard for me to deal with deadlines and goals? It's not just with sewing and blogging, it's with everything in my life. I'm so bad at getting things done on time. Why?? Am I lazy? Deluded? What? I missed the deadline for the cover-up competition. I could have won a new sewing machine or a dress form. I would love to win both of those things, and I have the skills too. I just can't get things done and I always end up disappointing myself. I guess I should be fair to myself though, I have been working A LOT. I've been picking up shifts left and right to pay off my speeding ticket and still afford books and food next semester. That does take up a lot of my time. That's not a good excuse though....

Well, here is a cocktail dress I just finished. I reconstructed it from a cheap dress I got at TJmaxx for $8. I adored the embellished neckline, but the rest of the dress was ugly and unflattering, so I cut it up and made it into something new and cute. It was kinda sac-like, with a stretchy band for a hem, and it made my butt, thighs and tummy look huge. Now it makes me look little and pretty, so yay. I can see myself wearing this to club fever with the girls. It's rather short, but not too skanky, you know? And the color looks so good on me. So naturally, I'm psyched. I made the earrings too, but they're hard to see in the photo.

EDIT: I don't like to have too much space between the end of the text and the end of the photo. So I thought I'd share one of my favorite musicians ever. Anya Marina. She is the bridge between badass and adorable. Sweet and sassy sauce. Her cover of Whatever You Like (by TI) has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks now. Some other songs to check out-- Move you, Cowboy, Afterparty at Jimmy's, Clean and Sober, Vertigo, and all of her songs ever. The end. I really hope you like her because I totally LOVE her music.


mscl-thtr-lvr said...

I call it procrastination! I do the same thing, with everything from school to library books, and I don't have work to fall back on as a reason for my procrastination. . .just plain laziness. =) I think it comes from being a kid from a computer age.

As for the cocktail dress, beautiful! Simple, and elegant. could even be dressed up a little bit for a fancy fall dinner, or skanked up for a night out on the town! kudos!

Anonymous said...

I really like your dress, and that I'm writing this just shows that your not the only person with "deadline-problems" - I should be studying for my last exams, I'm moving in a couple of days... and haven't packed anything!
so keep going, but carefull with the speeding ;-)
Julia from Germany