Saturday, April 25, 2009

Slacks skirt

I love recycling old clothes. It's WAY cheaper than buying fabric, it keeps stuff out of landfills, and, if you're creative, you can get around doing the hard parts like zippers, button holes and belt loops. I made this little navy skirt out of a pair of men's dress slacks I picked up for $1.50 at goodwill. By using an old pair of pants, I was able to avoid having to sew the zipper, buttons, button holes, belt loops, pockets and interfacing. The hardest part was probably ripping out the stitches. The second hardest part is getting around to ironing it... oops.


Clare said...

I'd like to pass my Kreativ Blogger award on to you. The clothes you make always make me think I should get my sewing machine out more often. Thank you for being inspiring

jenelisebeth said...

I just found your blog - what cute clothing you make! I am a beginner sewer, and really would love to refashion old/thrifted clothing into new items! You are inspiring. You should make tutorials!

Corilynn said...

Laura, I have been trying to get ahold of you, even on Craftster about something you made but can't find a way to reach you, can you please email me!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks soooo much!!!!!

Frankie said...

you're hilarious! I really enjoy your site and you're a great writer. You've got sass in the form of dry wit and of course, your clothes are hot. You've totally inspired me. I'm gonna start making my own clothes =)