Tuesday, July 14, 2009

recycled plaid

Wow, I'm starting to fall way behind on my sewing and blogging. Buuuuut, after many screw ups, ripped stitches and pricked fingers, I'm finally able to present to you my second outfit of the summer. I made the charcoal tank top out of an old turtle-neck sweater (my dad's). It's a soft, thin knit. I made the plaid skirt out of an XXL men's button down I got at goodwill. It's not all that flattering though. It doesn't make my tummy look any smaller. Oh well, at least it's still cute.

I have some bad news. It's hard for me to back down from a challenge, but I kind of need to. I said that if I got to 30 followers I'd keep making an outfit per week in the fall too, but after seeing how much time and money a full outfit takes, I'm going to have to amend that challenge. Instead, in the fall, I'm just going to make one garment per week. I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I know that I'm not going to have enough time or money to sew an entire outfit every week for 4 months. Who needs that much clothing anyway? I feel like sewing one garment per week would also allow me to spend more time on each piece, so I could try out new techniques and really do my best. Oh, and this doesn't change the challenge for the summer. I'll still sew one outfit every week until I start classes again.


stina said...

i found your blog through craftster and i'm really inspired by your summer project, even though you've decided to scale it down a bit. i really love the skirt! i've had plans to make more of these type of skirts as well this summer but time and money has come in the way so far.

Drea said...

love the skirt. and one garment sounds a lot more practical than an entire outfit! :P

Rachwins said...

Skirts with pockets are the best!